Experimenting with Google Vision API

From smart phone camera to autonomous driving car. Computer vision is getting more and more integrated into our daily life. With the help of machine learning and big data technologies, we can now have vision AI that are easily accessible to everyone. In order to explorer the current computer vision technologies, I have made a simple vision AI page that can (almost) make sense of any image you throw at it. Click here to check it out.

Upgrading to ASP.NET Core 3.0

Background I have spent the past few days converting some of my ASP.NET Core 2.2 projects to 3.0 which just came out 3 days ago. I'm using Razor, SignalR and Dapper in some of these projects and I knew the conversion won't be straight forward since a lot of the core libraries have undergone major re-work. The easiest thing you can do to get started is to create a new project using one of the existing project templates in Visual Studio and compare its settings with your own project. This should give you a good idea on what to change in order to get your project going again. The official  migration guide from Microsoft also has a lot of useful information. It shouldn't take too long before most people work out all the necessary changes needed to start their projects again. So the main focus of this blog is to share some of the "less obvious" breaking changes I have encountered during my upgrade and provide their solutions. Hopefully you and other developers

Compete with AI Players in WebSocket Snake Game

My WebSocket Snake game now supports AI controlled players. I have implemented two different AI. One uses a simple Greedy Algorithm and the other extends the first one with DFS (Depth-First-Search). Click here to check them out.

New Browser Based Multiplayer Snake Game

Just added a simple multiplayer Snake game to my personal website using the same game engine I wrote previously for the Tank Battle game. You can check it out here: I have also made some improvements on the netcode which improves the latency of both Tank Battle and Snake game.

A Simple Browser Based Multiplayer Game with WebSocket and Canvas

Just added a simple Tank Battle game to my site. The game is inspired by the classic NES game Battle City released back in 1985. I made this in about 3 days using .NET Core SignalR and Canvas. The main purpose of this project is to learn WebSocket and its capabilities. Check it out here:

Solving the Eight Queens Puzzle with Genetic Algorithm

Interested in both puzzles and AI? Check out my new page here:

My first personal website is now live! Check it out at

Check it out at